Emotions revealed – Paul Ekman

Emotions revealed – Paul Ekman Excerpts taken from : EMOTIONS REVEALED by Paul Ekman APPRAISAL AWARENESS Nature doesn’t make it easy for us to achieve […]

Intelligent design and its consequences

Intelligent design and its consequences Italian Version You’re in In English, Intelligent Design and its Consequences, by Noam Chomsky,  Storic Archives of Psicolinea President George […]

The universality of human rights

  The Universality of Human Rights, by Noam Chomsky, Storic Archives of Psicolinea Italian Version In recent years, moral philosophy and cognitive science have explored […]

Emozioni Rivelate

di Paul Ekman Il libro di Paul Ekman, Emotions Revealed, non è ancora stato tradotto e commercializzato in Italia. Psicolinea offre questo anticipo ai suoi […]